Aesthetic and process

Concerned with impulses such as the beautiful and the ugly, Saxon considers himself aesthetically organized. His curated process starts and finishes clean and simple. Saxon's aesthetic is not only unified through his work, but his daily routine.

Environment and workspace

When Saxon isn't working in assorted coffee shops and cafes in Brooklyn, he is working in his carefully constructed home office.

Saxon's biggest concern is to stay consistently inspired. Saxon's inspiration and motivation is fueled by his environment, a stack of new and classic vinyls, modern magazines, a misting of Le Labo perfume and a hint of plant life. All these elements come together to help set the ambiance of his workspace.   


Biography and lifestyle

Saxon Campbell is designer, creative, and photographer. Saxon is from Oklahoma originally, but currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Saxon graduated Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma with a bachelor's of art degree, majoring in visual communication with photography and minoring in graphic design.

Saxon has lived in the New York for awhile now working with clients of all kinds. Saxon’s has worked in fashion, fitness, residential, university, and non-profit organizations.

Saxon works with a wide range of freelance clients and working with his fashion blog. ( Photos of me by Brooke Cagle.

Saxon is open to all and any work you might have for him. Send him an email. (

Click to download my resume.



HOW Design magazine / 2015
Branding Served feature - x2 / 2015
BeType Feature  / 2015
Photography Served feature / 2015
新鲜创意图志 design feature / 2015
Behance feature - x2 / 2015
BeType feature / 2015
Interactive Design Institute feature / 2015
123-Layout feature - x4 / 2015
Versus design feature / 2015
Design happens feature / 2015
Type Everywhere feature / 2015 feature - x2 / 2015
Photograph feature on Four Pins / 2015
Photograph feature in NY Magazine, The Cut / 2014
Photograph feature in Tomorrow Magazine / 2014
Hatch Inc design feature / 2014
Second Design, design feature / 2014
Creative featured on / 2013
The Dieline Conference / 2012
Best in Show - AAF / Tulsa, Ok / 2011
Bronze Addy Award - AAF / District 10 / 2011
Addy Winner’s Book - AAF / Tulsa, Ok / 2011
Sequoyah Country Times front-page feature / 2011
NSU Underground Graphics PR / 2010-2011
Works of art showcased at the NSU Art Gallery / 2010
Academic Achievement Award - Communications / 2010
Social Arts Society member / 2009-2011
Dean’s List Honor Roll - x5/ 2008-2011

The Seventh Art - New York, NY
P & Co - London, ENG
Boxd Fitness Apparel - New York, NY
Misen - Brooklyn, NY
KYNA - Made in India
Archer Brighton
Tilda All Day - Brooklyn, NY
Native Jax - Los Angeles, CA
Buds of Brooklyn - Brooklyn, NY
Frockhub - New York, NY
En Avant Fitness - Brooklyn, NY
Rosalina Pong - New York, NY
Studio YAI - New York, NY
The Monster Cycle - New York, NY
Rooq Fine Art & Framing - New York, NY
XSRE Retail Group - New York, NY
University of Arkansas - Fort Smith, AR
ENK International - New York, NY
Northeastern State University - Tahlequah, OK
Caviar & Bananas
Nest & Baby
Veronika Pagan
Henne Organics